Welcome to Pinball Wives And Girlfriends

the Pinball WAGS Website.

the site for those accompanying people attending the UK Pinball show and the European Pinball Championships on 23-26 July 2009.


Although this site is mainly aimed at females we are not excluding men who do not have the same interest in Pinball as their partners. But please excuse us if any humour seems a little biased - it is not our intention to offend....!

What they get up to!

Why do we need this site?

It could be worse - the other apple of their eye might have curvy legs instead of straight metal ones but unless you are really keen on Pinball, 2 or 3 days of men drooling over machines instead of you can be a bit... boring. We're not against pinball (might even play the odd game or two) - it's just not our thing really. Last year we discovered, too late, that several of us ladies spent our time reading in our rooms while our partners played pinball. This year we intend to get out there and do something. Care to join us?

We don't know who is out there so we need your feedback. Some activities will need to be pre booked so please get in touch soonest.

If you would like to meet up with others please contact Moira. We're happy to put mums (and kids) in touch with other mums, and if there are any blokes being abandoned for pinball, we can put them in touch with each other too.

Please let us know your preferences and include which hotel/accommodation you are staying at and what day/time you are arriving.

Contact Moira by Email or on 07788 437225

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